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5 Rules for Getting Started

Figuring out your starting point is vital to being successful in pursuing quality health. No one ever realizes how unhealthy they are until it hits them at the doctor’s office or on the home scale. Health just does not come in terms of a number on a scale however, but getting rid of the excess fat from the body is a good starting point.
1.  Write down your Starting Weight.  Yes, this does mean that you need to use the scale that is in your bathroom.  It does not have to be a bad thing.  We can lie all day long but accepting where you are only allows the opportunity to speak from the point from which you’ve conquered.
2.  Calculate your BMI or Body Mass Index.  You can do that HERE for an idea of where you are at.  If you have a gym near you, a trainer would probably take their time to help you out and also give you a free workout as a tryout.  It doesn’t hurt to ask and to receive professional help.
3.  Physically, write out a plan and make it viewable on a regular basis.  Give yourself a challenge or level that you can embrace mentally.  If you would’ve told me that I would be running 13.1 miles without stopping when I first started my health journey – I would have laughed in your face.  When starting, write out a plan that you can mentally embrace and push for.  It’s important to be able to see it as achievable.
4.  Be in prayer about your health journey.  This isn’t a diet.  A diet is “something that you regularly have or take part in” (my definition); this means that if you daily eat cake and soda than you have a diet of cake and soda.  This is a life change, a journey to become healthy.  We pray about every other part of our lives but only about our health when we go to the hospital or get diagnosed with something.  Pray about this too.
5. Walk out the door.  This is the follow-through.  Everything listed before this can happen and you still fail.  Be bold and walk out the door.  Go and be active.  Don’t be afraid.  Be strong and conquer what has conquered you to this point.

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