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1 Month Strong and down 10 lbs

Since posting the last time - I've been working at losing some of this weight.

I'm down to 210 lbs and have been soda free for 1 month now.

What has helped with the soda free deal is the dentist.  yeah, the dentist always tells you to not drink soda because of all of the acidic stuff in the soda or to at least drink through a straw.  Well, I do drink through a straw most of the time but this was much different than just a cleaning the last trip to the dentist.

I had to have a tooth extracted and it was a difficult extraction (and broke a recent new filling and you can't have all of the carbonation and such when the healing is taking place.  It's been pretty easy to give up the soda.  I believe the hardest part was the no drinking of soda during the Christmas dinners and New Year's party.  It worked out though for the best.  I go to have a temporary filling removed on Tuesday and the permanent one put in.

It was a crazy ordeal and one that I'll be glad to be done with.