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No Healthy U selection but I choose Healthy Me selection.

I was not selected for Healthy U here in Sedalia.

As I posted before, it was a long shot for me to be a part of it.  I was happy that I was one of the 25 granted interviews before the final selection.  In all honesty though, when I saw the size of the first four or five selected I leaned over to my wife and said, "I don't think I'm big enough for the competition".  Let me add that the comment was not a dig at any of the contestants' size but a matter of disappointment.  I do wish that there was more variance in size of people picked.  I might not be the biggest and I might be healthier than some but I am not where I need or could be.  

I am super stoked for the contestants, or students as they call them, that were selected and hope that the 13 others [from the 25 that I was a part of] do not stop their attempts at being healthy.

Healthy U is an awesome program and the results were there as the class of 2014 showed how much they have lost have gained in the one year paired up with a personal trainer and nutritionist.  It was pretty cool to see the transformations.

So here I am, still doing this journey on my own.  I believe I have found a way to have a 'personal trainer' without paying the cost of a training sessions.  The gym that I belong to is Total Fitness and they have crossfit classes.  I have done them before but the classes weren't working with my schedule.  They now work with my schedule!  I just have to get up early to go to them.

I also have a treadmill and stationary bike at home.  I'd like to get a kettlebell and some other free weights but those will have to come when I have some extra dough.

Be on the lookout for a before shot.  My hope is that in one year from now when they have the next Healthy U program - that I don't need to be there but will have lost the body percentage necessary to have won this year's competition.  

If nothing else, maybe I could win a door prize next year.

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