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7 people + 3 months = Fit With a Purpose on Facebook

7 people + 3 months = Fit With a Purpose on Facebook

Fit With a Purpose has expanded onto Facebook for a more personal interaction.  The platform makes conversation easier and more accessible.  The website is a tool for many to use and continue to provide relevant content concerning Fitness, Faith, and Family.  

For the next 3 months, people are following the health and fitness journeys of 7 individuals as they embark on their personal journey to better fitness.  This is at their pace, will power, discipline, workout plans, gyms, homes, etc.  This is all up to them.  Each week, they will post a video talking about the successes and failures of the past week and share hopes for the upcoming week.  Throughout the weeks, Fit With a Purpose will provide insight into workout routines, healthy recipes, and similar areas.  

We hope that you will add Fit With a Purpose's Facebook community to your 'must follow' social media list and that you will continue to watch the website for ongoing conversation in the world of fitness, faith, and healthy family advice.

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