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What's on your Gym Playlist?

Are you a Daydreamer [fans of Adele]?  Are you a Belieber [fans of Justin Beiber]?  Are you a Swiftie [fans of Taylor Swift]?

Whoever you are - you probably like some sort of music!

My playlists vary.  Different places mean different playlists.  I don't usually play the same music during my office hours as I do driving or working out.

When I am writing a lesson I like to have music on in the background that requires no focus.

When I am doing work in my garage - cleaning, wood work, being creative - it's usually country [usually because that's the only station that the radio picks up in there].

When I am at work I usually tend to listen to something that isn't going to bother the offices next door; something along the lines of alternative/rockish and it's usually at a volume that they don't hear it anyways.

When I am doing yard work - I actually like to listen to podcasts.  Because the mower and the weedeater are loud anyway, turning the music up loud enough to hear it leaves my ears ringing afterwards.  I enjoy doing the yard work but sometimes there are other things that I need to do so at least the podcast makes the time pass by easier.

When I am in the car or driving it is the radio.  I don't have sirius radio or anything so I'm stuck with whatever is currently playing on Ryan Seacrest's top songs show.  That's not always ideal as a lot of it is crap - I guess I'm old enough to say that now but seriously - a lot of it's crap.

When I am in the gym though, it's usually rap and/or hip hop.  It keeps me going.  I love to work out to it.

Now, most of what I listen to is by christian artists.  This isn't some knock on "alternative music" as I still listen to non-christian music today.  I grew up on rap with the likes of Tupac, Dre, Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Bone Thugs, and such.  Eminem came soon after and I liked listening to him too.  His songs still have that catch for me.  Here's the thing though with all of these artists: while lyrically pretty genious, and even with accuracy of the times then - it doesn't do it for me anymore.  The darkness of Eminem's early stuff is just crazy to me now.  Honestly though, what was considered dark, crazy and vulgar back then is much of the norm today with any genre.

I strive to have things around me that are going to better me.  I want stuff that I am going to be challenged with. The strides that christian rap, hip hop and rock has taken - I have that now in music.

My gym playlist consists of Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Propaganda, KB, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, Tedashii,  Family Force 5, Derek Minor, Beautiful Eulogy, Red, Manafest


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www rush essay land said...

I always get distracted by music whatever sort of work I am engaged with) Thus, it is not easy for me to combine two activities and not to lose focus on both of them( Thanks for sharing the thoughts!

Seth Tyler said...

I can see how it can be distracting. Sometimes for me it's just to have something on in the background so it does not need focus but there are definitely those times when silence is needed. So many people are afraid of that silence because they have never had it and don't know what to do with it.