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2017: A Year for the Marathon

I've toyed with the idea for a long time of doing longer distance races.  I'm not fast by ANY means but I do enjoy long distance running.  I just haven't 'long distanced' that far by any other way than a motorized vehicle.

26.2 is crazy right?!

The longest race that I attempted and completed was the Half Marathon.  I always envisioned doing a marathon after that and using the Half as part of my training but that didn't happen as planned.  I finished the half, took a break, hurt myself and never got back to that distance.  I believe the longest run since that Half has been 10 miles.

Last year, my running picked up again.  I had been running each year but last year I was able to really shed some more weight and get back into running.  I think I did somewhere between 7-10 5k races and was able to place in my age group a few times.  It's always nice to place in your age group.  Now, they were probably much smaller races than what many people get into.  These races are usually attached to smaller towns and may not be as big as others.  I usually find my races by way of a google search and checking out Active or Running in the USA sites.  Local running club Facebook pages are a huge help too.

With the increase in running, races and mileage - I found my groove again.  I also purchased the GARMIN Forerunner 735XT after seeing a buddy's and just had to have it too!  It was a great purchase and it has been very eye-opening when looking at the statistics of my runs.  It's nice to see beyond the TIME, SPLITS and DISTANCE that many watches only show.

I told my wife on December 31st of 2016 that I was going to kick 2017 off right.  My plan was to be on the treadmill, which I hate running on, right after the clock turned into 2017.  It's a good thing that I didn't make that a New Year's Resolution because I failed.  I did run on January 1st but it was later in the day.  I went to bed soon after the clock turned.

They do say that rest is equally as important as the actual running right?

This year, I have been able to pick back up where I had left last year.  I took a 'rest' during the colder months to recover from all of the running of the past season.

Never before have I felt the desire to run the marathon stronger than this year.

26.2 miles is crazy right?!

Maybe it's the desire to accomplish something that I haven't yet.  Maybe it's the way to push myself further than I've been in my running.  Maybe it's because I'm just crazy.

Yeah, I'm sure I'm crazy!