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My Story

Before I get into it.  I am not an emotional man.  I am pretty sensible and logical. 

My life has been good and I have been very blessed with what I have.  I have an awesome wife, a good job, and great family.  I am not mad or upset about how I got to a weight that I didn't like.  It simply is what it is and how I react will show the character that God has given me.

I grew up as most children do, liking food a lot.  I think I started gaining weight when I was around the 4th-5th grade.  I've seen pictures of those years and really think it was about that time when me and food had a very close and often relationship.  I remember one time when we rented a movie as a family about a fat camp and I got really upset because I didn't want my parents to send me to one.  Why I thought that they would is beyond me.  In 1996 we moved to Arizona and at the school I attended I started playing all of the sports offered.  It was a small private school and they offered football, basketball, and cross country.  We were only there for about a year but that school opened me up athletically.  I had always played sports through parks and rec and was fairly good but in Arizona I think I was given the chance to push the limits.  We ran a lot for cross country and we had practices for sports and I got pretty thin.  It was nice.  That was the eighth grade.

We moved back to Missouri later that year and slowly and gradually the pounds came back.  I always used the excuse of "I am a growing boy" - that allowed me to get the Big Buster, Grand Slam, or whatever it is called at any homestyle food type of restaurant.  Either way, it was too much food for any size of person.  I continued to play sports and have always been a quick sturdy athlete.  In high school - despite the weight - I was still pretty strong.  All of that though over the years turned into ... not strong. 

College opened me up as well.  It opened me up to more and more food.  Try freshmen 30.  The sophomore 15.  At my top weight I was just a hovering around 260.  That is about 70 pounds over what I had been my junior year in high school.  That weight to some people is their desired goal but to me it has been what has kept me from being the athlete that I am. 

In May of 2009, I had finally had enough of it.  I gave up Mountain Dew; that was the first step.  I had taken a picture with some of the kids at school and my belly was all that I saw.  I actually ripped it up but I did keep it. I was drinking about 40 oz of Mountain Dew a day.  I lost fourteen pounds by the end of the year.  Giving up that sugary drink was the gist of what I did in terms of trying to lose weight in 2009. 

It isn't that I am specifically trying to lose weight with this journey because I know that if what I do on a daily basis is controlled and intentional - everything else will fall into place.  If I am active, control what goes into my body, and stay focused...losing weight is just a byproduct of experiencing a greater life.